To My Latest Boss

This post is dedicated to a man whom I have never met personally but who included me in his virtual team and gave me a great ability to grow professionally. Thank you and rest in peace, Rod.

The man I am talking about became my boss and mentor online. We worked together with SEO and he reminded me of the importance of staying with people who make me feel that I can achieve my dreams. We clicked easily because this is also one of my guiding principles.

I always remember Mark Twain’s advice of keeping away from people who try to belittle your ambitions, because small people always do that. I found it in a book on a bargain sale. The title was neither readable nor worthy of second glance but so cheap that I could afford to buy it. There I found a truth that struck me hard and I would like to share my understanding with regards to a person who has reminded me about this. Sad enough, he was gone before I was able to tell him my thoughts. Without him knowing it, he taught me Mark Twain’s words in a contagious way.

In retrospection, I got out of school looking forward to a life of too much hope and expectations. I got all my plans laid down, blueprinted, ever ready to be implemented. However, after dabbling on how things really work in the world, I was suddenly slapped. I have a very uncertain future, too vast, too difficult like a boss with a swarm of belittling colleagues. Then I told myself, ok I would never have a boss. I would be in business and I tried, and I failed twice over the many times I tried.

Thankfully, after a too difficult boss and the team of bee stings, I had nice bosses from then on. And the last boss I had whom I have never met personally made me feel great professionally. He encouraged my ambitions. And he was a friend during casual chats. He looked strict and was straightforward, but had his own funny ways of dealing with situations. I can say, he must have lived a tough life to be superior and right at the same time.

I will always remember this man with a brilliant mind who just won´t stop learning and working. He was a man of vision, strength, and drive. Another thing he taught me was to ignore and get rid of the weeds of life. When people and situations extract my energy, he said just work and get busy, sit on them LOL. However, there’s one brick he has thrown that I picked up without him knowing it that will help me build a stronger foundation for sure and that is: try to run a business but don’t let business runs you.

My heartfelt thanks.

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