To Care For Your Skin Is To Love Yourself

When I meet with my friends the conversation often sways to beauty products. Most of us are disappointed with the very expensive beauty treats out there so drugstore alternatives are definitely worth looking into. I have found some that I would like to share. Just keep in mind that what works for me may not work for you.

I have used a lot of products for my daily beauty routine but most of them have been disappointing so I have stopped using them. But I need to continue my care and maintenance mission since I am already in my 30s—the time when the skin is young but not perfect. This time, I resolve to get simple, inexpensive, and tried-and-tested products.


Face Care

I start my facial cleansing ritual with a pimple fighting facial wash (Eskinol). I only have a packet because I didn’t see anything in the bottle when I made my purchase. I like it because it controls my pimple breakouts and excess oil. I get pimples especially during my period but this cleanser helped me keep them at bay. It has a little scented smell that isn´t overpowering and after using it, I can feel that it´s drying my pimples.

The next thing in hand is a piece of cotton and a toner (Eskinol). I like using a toner because I have this compulsive need to check if there are still impurities in my skin that have not been taken away by the cleanser.

To moisturize, I use a correcting day cream (L´oréal). I like it because of its silky smooth texture. And it also improves my skin after. My face feels softer, smoother, and radiant. It says on the label that with continued use, it helps to smooth our first fine lines during your 30s. If I am going out, I usually top my face with a sunblock cream (Dr. Alvin). This cream is non-greasy and with SPF 15.

At night, I cleanse with the same cleanser and toner then night cream. The night cream I use these days is a classic whitening face cream (SkinWhite). I am not actually after the whitening benefits so much, but I like its powdery smell, non-greasy quality, and infusions of Vitamin Bs and C plus sunscreen and moisturizers. When I don´t have L´oréal day cream anymore, I use this one because the former is hard to find sometimes. This cream can also be used as a day cream.


Body Care

My body care routine now is very simple. I usually start my bath with a kojic soap from Japan that is locally distributed through a label (Dr. Alvin). Aside from cleansing, this soap also peels dead skin cells. I love how it gives a micro-peeling effect on the skin. I rinse before a minute, though. I have observed that the soap bar lasts longer than I have expected.

Two or 3 times a week, I rub with milk and salt scrub with avocado extract (Watsons) in a circular motion on the body and hands. This product is soothing for me. It´s gentle and mild and moisturizing. It is non-irritating, maybe because of the avocado ingredient. I rinse up after 3 minutes.

My lotions are pretty straightforward too. In the daytime and when I am just at home, I use a classic lotion (SkinWhite). If I am going out, I used the papaya milk version (SkinWhite) because of the fruity scent as I don’t use cologne so much. These lotions have SPF 10, give a blushed-skin look, and show a healthier complexion. I like that there´s an added Vitamin E already.

My day time deodorant is a roll-on with arbutin and licorice (Dr. Alvin). Occasionally, I spritz some Chanel perfume when I am going out.

During night time, I also bath with the same kojic soap but my lotion is different. I use a malunggay moisturizing lotion with 2-3 drops of therapy oil under the same brand (Moringa O2). I got this tip from a celebrity. Then I use a more natural deodorant, a mineral roll-on (Deonat).

So, that’s it. My skin regimen nowadays is very basic, inexpensive and effective. I don´t try hard anymore to be white-skinned because I saw it’s just futile with my complexion type. I guess I am more mature now to just simplify my life. I just want my skin to look smooth, not rough or dry, because to care for your skin is to love yourself.


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