Dress Up Nice for a Very Small Price

My penchant for classy clothes and accessories started years ago when somebody asked me how much I paid for my shoes. It was below a hundred and the person gasped. He said his wife had bought similar shoes for several thousand but mine looked classier. LOL.

I thought about it and decided donning something expensive doesn´t really guarantee an upgrade. But if you have the money, pricey things have the most durable qualities so why not splurge a little on current ones? As for me, I am not so much of a trendsetter or a follower. My style is more on classy and elegant pieces. Plus, I already have this ability to spot great finds at discount prices.


Whole get-up costs? Just below a hundred.
Whole get-up costs? Just below a hundred.


Most of my clothes are durable enough and I don´t change my wardrobe collection quite so often. I only purchase if something caught my fancy from preloved stuff through garage sales or ukay-ukay stores (I call it mix-mix stations hehe). I don´t haggle a lot because I am only happy to get away with something I know is worth more than the price the seller puts into it. I only asked for a little more discount when I know the price is too much for the item. I didn´t haggle for this 100% cotton pink office work shirt (Raoul Semi-Slim Fit) sold for P20 only, originally valued much higher than I got.


I also check out classified ads online for mix and match purposes. There are many branded preloved which have not been worn or used a little and people sell it lower than the original prices. There are times I buy a top from one seller, then the pair from another seller, whoever has the best price. It goes true with accessories too. I got this cute sling bag cum clutch from an online classified advertiser for P50 only.


Classier outfits can be found at top online shops even at their SALE section. From there, I create my own style by just matching fabrics and colors. Sometimes, I check out what the model is wearing and create my own version. Social media platforms are also great sources of fashion items, so there is no limit as to how to dress nicely without breaking your pocket.


When shopping in malls, I look for discounted ones but I check the quality first and hidden price tags. Small and local boutiques are also my favorite places to look for clothing that is sophisticated, hard to find, and affordable. I am quite picky with my choices that I sometimes end up not buying at all.


Dressing up nice and presentable doesn´t require signature labels. Know your size and style and stick to it so it would be easier to search. Having a very small budget isn´t quite an explanation to dress sloppy. Be resourceful and creative, mix and match, get comfy and confident. Fashion is how you carry it.


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