Work at Home: My Paid SEO Internship

Mindanao AdviceAfter months of SEO Training, our boss finally decided for me to go ahead with my part-time internship in their company. I was happy because learning often gives me a lot of inspiration and direction. I love challenging myself with new endeavors. Exploring new things fires me up because of the chance to develop myself personally and professionally. Also, being paid for doing that right from home makes it more exciting.


I was able to perform the strategies I learned on more than two client websites. It was a surreal experience working on a new strategy and then seeing outstanding results in a short time. The services were not even cheap and I was awed how business owners pay a lot to keep their business in the game. It is well worth it, though.

Getting a lot of traffic pointing to your site does not actually guarantee conversions, so social media was not exactly our main focus. We target those who really go to Google and search for the particular services which our clients are offering. I can conclude that those are people who are potential buyers or customers.

Within the process that we used, I enjoyed the task of purchasing expired domains and domain management. I had fun sorting the good from the bad links and deciding in my mind whether a domain is profitable or not. I might have learned so much, however, there is no denying that for lack of wisdom, I purchased domains that are not so high in link profiles. My boss said, the experience is the best teacher, but I made sure not to make the same mistakes or ruin the budget.

During my internship, I was encouraged to contribute and take initiative. However, there were times when overconfidence took me and I did things prior to instructions; thinking I was doing it right. But work was not that way, it needed critical sense. There were other great lessons too after my stint with the agency. I was made stronger with the knowledge I gained, renewing my approach to life, and even my character as a whole.




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