The Hummingbird and the Crab

My wife, Grace, is using all her energy to learn about SEO or search engine optimization. It’s a very technical thing and some days ago she told me that thanks to a new update in Google called “Hummingbird”, spamming used to increase ranking for websites has now been thoroughly checked. Google is now doing double time to reward quality content to reduce spam. And all of us should be very grateful for that.

Grace loves SEO. She studies hard and she has not much time for Mindanao Advice as of now. But while Grace rides the Hummingbird, I will try to post something here every now and then until we can figure out how to go on with this website.

What amazes me here in the Philippines is the capacity to handle the hard everyday toil with a smile, the strong faith in God, and the ability to feel satisfied with very little. But, this attitude also contains a vicious cycle of naive and miracle-oriented optimism. And with the widespread crab mentality, it’s easy to get lost. Most Filipinos seem to be trapped in a kaing (crab cage), and the unhealthy mix of corruption and hypocrisy that has been allowed to grow strong makes it very hard to get out of it.

The crab mentality is normally considered destructive; a result of envy and greed, but its origin is constructive. It is like when the leading crab against the current functions as a base for the others to get further. And the many breadwinners abroad and at a home function like that. This is something to build on. Don’t drag them down, but push up and support them. This is the best prescription for a successful kaing escape to join the hummingbirds in fighting all kinds of “spam” in our lives.

Eldar Einarson, April 07, 2015

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