Why We Need to Let Go

Mindanao AdviceLetting go is a necessary but difficult process in our lives created to remove things making our lives miserable. Our fear of letting go is huge because we think we have a lot to lose, but it is the opposite that normally happens.

We should try harder to leave things like habits, activities and stressful situations which hinder our chance to a better life behind us. If we let our pride and bad habits hold us back, how can we proceed to a new and improved life?

Leaving the old does not mean that we forget our past. It is just to develop the courage to discover new things, people and even places. For it is by letting go that we will become the improved person we would like to be.

We are often thinking how unpredictable the future is, but have we asked ourselves if our approach to it really applies to the better? If something does not work in our present situation, then we must let go and make way for what will work. If we continue holding on to something that is not effective in its current application, then the whole structure will be doomed. It’s time to let go. It’s simple logic. Most often we think letting go is more painful than holding on, but that is not usually the case. So, for our happiness and personal development, “letting go” is worth a try. 🙂

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