When Friendships Turn Sour

Photo: www.positivelyinclined.com
Photo: www.positivelyinclined.com

Friendship is a golden gift that we should take good care of.  But that is not always easy and it happens often that established friendships turn into sour mode due to misunderstandings and thoughtless behaviors. The worst is when a friend stabs you in the back or participates in actions to lower your credibility just to appear in a better light himself.

If this happens, examine yourself; are you completely innocent, or have you by a thoughtless action participated in the betrayal? Your friend’s action could be an immature way of responding to something you have done or achieved. It could often be a sign that you are going in different directions; like when one friend becomes jealous of another friend’s success and the conflict freezes unsolved. The wisest thing you can do in a corrupted relationship is to reach out with a healing hand, although it’s not always easy because many of us will use the situation to leave a friend behind to buy ourselves a “good conscience”. Why get dragged around by people who talk bad about you, and do not reach up to your “success” level?

We are all seeking recognition and it’s a Philippine folk disease to get high nose if you manage to climb up a little on the social ladder. And this is likely one of the most common reasons here to broken friendships.  Try to understand if friends talk badly about you. Find the reasons instead of creating more distance. Joy for others is very difficult if you feel that you are left in a desolate situation. It’s human to act negatively if you feel rejected, and it’s human to act negatively if people gossip about you because they feel rejected. Be as positive as much as possible. Don’t let others’ negative reactions towards you cloud your ability to see contexts.

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