My 2014 Christmas Reflection

Image: Eldar Einarson

December is always my favorite month. Apart from Christmas time, it’s also when I do my deep yearly reflections. I think about the months gone by and how I have been faring in most aspects of my life as well as the prospects of the future. My goal next year is to reach a new level of maturity.

The year 2014 has been full of challenges and transitions with a lot of possibilities and opportunities. This December I have pondered some thoughts that I might carry through as I grow wiser by experience.

1. I have always been the kind of person who wants to be in control of my life in every little detail. But now I resolve to relax and breathe some fresh air when needed. Being uptight as I am, I find it strange to get into a new level as my inner screws are very resistant. I used to believe that I could hold everything in my hands; my willpower was the only key to success. I felt miserable when things did not come out as I wanted. This is now changing, there are circumstances that are beyond my control. Sigh.

2. Every year, I always want to improve or live a notch higher and stronger than the past. Faith has always been my guide and it gives me power in a positive way. When I am down, I have my faith to keep me holding on and a new reality is waiting for me because the changes in my life have made me wiser.

3. I have this tendency to settle for less for reasons like laziness, fear or not being creative enough. Now, I will remember that I have the power to choose and to take the best option even if it requires more effort or time because it has more value in the long run. One choice could change everything, even the course of my whole future.

4. I know I have a lot of qualities that will be able to help me change from within. But sometimes, I get so occupied with the inner disturbances that I forget that I have the ability to change myself by keeping in mind and heart the significance of an open, forgiving, and positive attitude.

5. As I remind myself every year, especially this year, trials are learning processes. We go through different passages, whether we like it or not and the tools to solve the problems are available. So this December 2014, after I connect to the silence within me, I believe that in 2015 I will be heading for growth.

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