Courage to Change and Will to Self Insight: We owe it to ourselves

We should never be satisfied with a life that isn’t offering rooms for personal and professional development. I myself like to learn and discover new stuff so that I hope will keep on moving forward. But since I am full of passion for a lot of things, I find it hard to focus. As I trudge my way to the trials and travails of life, I found there is one major thing I need to focus more: the courage to change ingrown patterns.

I believe that to be really happy and empowered, we’ve got to seek our purpose. And we can only find it if we become open to new possibilities that come our way.

When I started to work I promised myself to resign from jobs when I felt there was no more inspiration there for me.  Despite warnings from my friends that it would be hard to survive with an idea like this, I have tried to keep my promise. My belief that life is what I make it made me go, not only for the money but also for self-improvement.

I have been very lucky, and deep in my heart, I believe that each of us has a great potential for improvement if we have the courage to follow a dream, and at the same time have an understanding of the importance of our responsibility to serve a higher purpose than just money and success.

When we feel that there are more risks of staying in deadlock than changing, it’s time to redirect, but it’s often very difficult and the height of our fall can be huge. But a willingness to discover new things will help us to see ourselves in a wider perspective so that we can get more fuel on the road to self-realization.

I know that we have the mind to plan and think bold scenarios of our future. If we carefully examine our dreams, it will be easier to build up the courage. Let’s open our minds without letting our self-limiting habits get in the way. If we reflect seriously about the purpose of our lives and don’t hesitate to take a step forward to start our changes for the better; we will be a part of an important movement towards a better world.



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