Are you dating online? Never fall in love with an illusion

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Online dating has fast become worldwide industry and lots of people have met successfully on the net. The back side of the medal is the huge number of scammers who rake in large amounts every day from love-hungry victims. Here in the Philippines, scamming is feeding lots of cynical and dishonest men and women all over the country. There is probably not a single Western Union office here that has not been visited by a scammer in order to receive money for a sick family member, a birth certificate, an air ticket etc. But it’s not only foreigners seeking love online who are scammed, also ladies seeking love abroad are in the danger zone. So sisters, be very careful and neither send money or ask for it.

If you are asked to handle money, it is totally a scam. If you meet someone serious online he will be eager to Skype you, or call you on your cell phone. If your online friend gives a lot of alibis and won’t even bother to be seen on Skype or Messenger, then get out of it.

Things which are” too good to be true” is also applicable in online dating. If you have a good-looking date who is not revealing so much about himself may not be looking for what you are looking for. Love and the dream of a better future make you blind. Remember that, always. A friend of mine sent all her savings to a very handsome American who was robbed in Bangkok on his way to meet her, he needed money for the air ticket so they finally could meet. It was of course a scam, and my friend, who did not listen to the warning signals from her friends, was devastated. So never, never send money and don’t fall in love with an illusion, even how lonely and desperate you are. Meet in person in your city or neighborhoods, and take it from there.


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  1. Dear Grace and Eldar,

    I’m reading most of your articles here in and find it very interesting texts to read.

    About this article of scammers must I say that I have heard already 3 friends in the last few months who were asked to pay money for receiving a box with goods and money.
    They asked me for advise and I told them “NEVER EVER to send money to anyone who will give you a gift”.
    If your “boyfriend” want to give you something, then he will pay the total bill himself and don’t ask you for money to receive a box send by DHL or so.

    Let this be a warning to ALL Filipina’s.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Andre. I’m glad that you like our articles. Your advice is right. If a boyfriend abroad wants to send a gift to his girlfriend here, he will of course pay for it if he is serious. The rule of “Never, ever send money” should apply always, even to those who send a gift to show sincerity. Flowers, teddy bears and chocolates are ok, even though many scammers are waiting for that before asking for money. Be wary, always consider it as a scam if the issue of money pops up.

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